Color design "Living with wood"

The right color design in combination with light and dark woods

The Scandinavians demonstrate it: birch wood is very light and should therefore be combined with strong colors. Above all, blue and yellow play a significant role in the countries of the long winter. Cool and strong colors are also ideal in combination with pines and alders. Besides blue and yellow, you could also choose a light green or a young and fresh grey-blue. On the other hand, we do not recommend warm colors like red or orange, since they minimize the effect of light woods and create a too strong contrast.

For dark woods you do not have to choose primarily bright colors, but you can also opt for dark beige, brown and anthracite. You achieve a trendy design with a touch of elegance, if you set individual accents with a powerful red or a deep claret. The combination of wood and color will decide whether you live in an elegant, rustic, colonial, modern or purist surrounding.

Harmonious atmosphere for a snug living

First, you should ask yourself which wall color you prefer. The reversed decision might become a challenge. It is advisable first to think about the color design and then to buy the wooden furniture which fit into your color scheme. For dark woods the scope is particularly large and you can let your creative ideas flow, whether you would like to live in an

  • elegant
  • trendy
  • or harmonious

surrounding. For an elegant style, combine dark woods such as walnut with a light brown, beige or sand. Acceptable are red accents, while cool yellowish colors and green are unsuitable. On the other hand, you will follow a current trend if you combine dark wood furniture with gray tones, anthracite or red. Your apartment will gain a meditative and calming character. Yellow, mango and apricot as well as terra cotta create a Mediterranean feeling. The relaxed atmosphere will inspire you and if you want to bring "fresh wind" into your apartment, use a bright may green to create an atmosphere of joy.

Gray pine and very light wood

Noble woods with high-contrast wood grain and knot holes

The more uneven the surface of the wood, the more subtle and calm should be the wall color. With noble woods such as rosewood, mango or teak you should use fresh but not too strong colors. Pastel tones offer the perfect balance and underline the harmonious atmosphere. The chosen color scheme has an effective influence on your well-being, mood and daily motivation.

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