Marble Pit Lime Paint – application method and differences to conventional wall paints

STRUTIVOS Marble Pit Lime Paint from the LIVOS neutral product range offers an alternative to conventional dispersion paint for indoor use. Particularly suitable for damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, this allergy-friendly lime-based wall paint is especially recommended for fresh lime plaster and untreated plastered walls.

Very suitable for allergy sufferers: Marble Pit Lime Paint from the LIVOS neutral product range

Due to its high alkalinity (pH 13), STRUTIVOS Marble Pit Lime Paint from the LIVOS neutral product range has a mold-repellent effect and is also free of plastics, solvents and preservatives. Well-tolerated by the environment and humans, the lime-based paint is therefore ideally suited for allergy sufferers, odor and chemical sensitives. Compared to conventional wall paint, Marble Pit Lime Paint has numerous positive properties that are particularly beneficial in case of damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, but also in children's rooms and bedrooms.

Reduced mold formation thanks to eco-friendly lime-based wall paint

Since the STRUTIVOS Marble Pit Lime Paint contributes to improving the indoor climate thanks to its water vapor permeability, it also reduces the frequent formation of mold in damp rooms. Fine marble lime gives the wall paint a high level of adhesion and binding power, which makes the Marble Pit Lime Paint from the LIVOS neutral product range an eco-friendly alternative to standard dispersion paints.

The right preparation: optimal conditions for the application

STRUTIVOS Marble Pit Lime Paint from the LIVOS neutral range is suitable for a big variety of substrates, from masonry, concrete and mineral plaster to calcium silicate, plasterboard, lime plaster and wood-based materials. It is essential during preparation that the respective substrate must be clean, dry, stable, moderately absorbent and free of dust, grease, separating agents, efflorescence, cracks and fungi. Sinter skin on plaster surfaces must be removed before applying the paint. Wallpapered surfaces are unsuitable.

Lime based paint: first coat and disposal of product residues

Cover stone surfaces, metal parts and window panes well before painting. Depending on the absorbency of the substrate, apply the first coat of paint either undiluted or with a twenty percent dilution. For subsequent coats it is necessary to pre-wet the wall, whereby a high ambient temperature increases the water requirement. After use, clean the tools used immediately with water; dried product residues shall be disposed according to locally regulated laws.

Marble Pit Lime Paint: easy to apply

The STRUTIVOS Marble Pit Lime Paint from the LIVOS neutral Product range is opaque, matt and can be recoated several times if required. It can be optimally applied after thorough stirring at room temperatures of over 8 °C. Depending on the structure and absorbency of the substrate, the exact amount required should be determined by doing a test application. After several coats (two to three coats are recommended) with roller or brush, you will obtain a perfect result after an average drying time of about 12 hours at 23 °C room temperature and a relative humidity of 50 %. After complete drying, LIVOS wall paint is low-stress, mold-repellent and permeable to water vapor.

Marble Pit Lime Paint from the LIVOS neutral product range – all advantages at a glance:

  • suitable for allergy sufferers, odor- and chemical-sensitive
  • free from plastics, solvents and preservatives
  • high water vapor permeability
  • improvement of the indoor climate
  • mold repellent due to high alkalinity
  • antistatic and low-stress
  • can be recoated
  • emission-free
  • vegan

Your desired color on lime basis from the LIVOS range

The LIVOS range includes STRUTIVOS Marble Pit Lime Paint in many different shades. Choose your favorite color for an eco-friendly lime-based wall paint from the following shades: sandy (007), maize yellow (018), terracotta (020), red tile (040), peach (058), reed (104) and white (201). Your desired color is not included despite the large selection? No problem. The color intensity can be reduced by adding white (475-201) in any mixing ratio. It is also possible to tint with the lime-proof URA Dry Pigments No. 849-870 (maximum 5%) or with the STRUTIVOS Coloring Paste No. 476.

Discover the high-quality LIVOS paint for damp locations right now

As an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wall and dispersion paints, you are well advised to use a lime-based LIVOS paint, especially if you suffer from allergies. Thanks to our tips and application instructions, you know exactly which advantages a lime-based paint offers you in comparison to a conventional paint for indoor use and how to create the best conditions for a successful paint application. Discover now our range of high-quality lime wall paints for damp rooms and convince yourself of the quality of our offered products.

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