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KUNOS Natural Floor Sealer N° 242


Content: 0.05 piece (€76.00* / 1 piece)

Available in 1 day, delivery time 2-5 days

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Product number: 242-002-0.05
Product information "KUNOS Natural Floor Sealer N° 242"

Application range

For interior untreated solid timber e.g. furniture, and floors. Only to a limited extent suitable for OSB and veneers. Not to be used on cabinet interiors, stained wood or plywood.

Technical qualities

Free of cobalt and terpenes. Reinforces and deepens the natural color of the wood grain. Produces a matt film  after one coat  and  a  satin  glossy  finish  after two  to  three coatings. Water-resistant  after  three coatings. Complies  with  the German  Industrial  Norm  DIN  53  160  for colorfastness  when  exposed  to perspiration  and  saliva. Complies  with  the  German  Industrial  Norm DIN  EN  71, part  3,  as suitable  for  toys. Free from organic-chemical compounds according to DIN EN 71, part 9. 

Application method

Temperatures must be above 16 ° C.

Undiluted: by single disc rotary machine or orbital (eccentric) sander and grey felt pad.

Diluted with 10% SVALOS-Thinner No. 222 or No. 292: by brush, sealing brush or a lint-free cotton cloth.

Diluted with 10-20% SVALOS No. 292: by spraying device.


Determine the exact coverage by doing a test coat.

First coat: 45 ml/m² i.e.1 liter (1.06 quart.) is sufficient for appr. 22 m² (237 ft²).

Second coat: 11 ml/m² i.e.1 liter (1.06 quart.) is sufficient for appr. 90 m² (968 ft²).

Third coat: 4 ml/m² i.e. 1 liter (1.06 quart.) is sufficient for appr. 250 m²/l (2691 ft²).

Consumption could be considerably less, depending on the condition and absorbency of the surface.

Further information and processing instructions can be found in our technical data sheet.

odourless: yes
Application area: floors, furniture
Area: interior
Opacity: transparent
colorfulness: colorless
Farbton: clear
gloss level: silk-gloss
Material: wood
Product type: Fußböden, oil
Vegan products: yes

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June 11, 2017 09:34

Angenehme telefonische Beratung, schnell geliefertes gutes Öl ... perfekt, es riecht kaum.

Nach umfangreicher telefonischer Beratung erwarb ich für meine Birke Multiplex Möbel eben dieses Öl. Der erste Auftrag erfolgt satt, der zweite halt deutlich weniger. Auch nach dem Kauf wurde ich weiterhin telefonisch sehr gut beraten. Das angenehme an diesem Öl 242 ist, dass das der Geruch zwar anfänglich ein wenig, alsbald abnehmend wahrnehmbar ist. Livios und deren Produkte kann ich wärmstens empfehlen.