Up-cycling – furniture made of used pallets

The advantages of individual up-cycling ideas

Pallet furniture offer environmentally conscious DIYers many advantages. In addition to the low cost of acquisition as a raw material, the wood of a Euro pallet is weather-resistant. This feature makes the furniture suitable for the outdoor use. Furthermore, the practical form of a pallet is the ideal starting point for the production of various garden furniture according to the modular principle. This variability allows the creative implementation of various ideas with similar procedures. Finally, painting the pallet furniture with oils, paints and varnishes in your favorite colors gives the project its final touch and makes it shine in the trendy do-it-yourself look!

Seating group and patio made table made of pallets for the outdoor use

At sunny temperatures, when the garden becomes the second living room, a generous seating group including a patio table is indispensable. In order to guarantee that the variable lounge furniture offer enough space to relax, we recommend the use of two and a half pallets per chair. First of all, free each Euro pallet of disturbing rivets and metal clips to exclude a possible risk of injury. Then put two pallets on top of each other as a seat. Remove the top from a further Euro pallet and saw it through in the middle. This part acts as a backrest and is connected to the seat part. Another two pallets are stacked together for the construction of the stylish coffee table. A flush (glass) plate completes the up-cycling of the garden table. Regarding further pallet furniture, treat every Euro pallet as described above and grind, if necessary. Depending on your wishes, the LIVOS wood and furniture varnishes round off the perfect result of the finished pallet furniture.

An original deck-chair made of pallets for the terrace

A deck chair for the terrace is anything but boring, as long as it consists of a Euro pallet. For making such a furniture you need two pallets, wooden beams and short and long strips. Each pallet needs to be cleaned, grinded and painted with LIVOS natural paint to protect it against wind and weather. Use one Euro pallet as the seat and make it higher, if necessary, by attaching two beams onto the bottom. From the second pallet remove one of the cross bars and the wooden blocks fixed to it. Set this pallet obliquely as the back part in a recess of the seat and fix it laterally with wooden strips. Voilà - that is the deck-chair!

Hanging herb beds made of pallets for the balcony

To daily harvest fresh herbs, you do not need a garden. A practical Euro pallet in the form of a hanging herb bed gives your balcony a Mediterranean flair. The up-cycling is particularly easy in this case. You simply line the interior spaces of the pallet with a foil and staple it. Fill this spaces with soil, put in the herbs and hang the finished herbal shelf on the wall. As a space-saving variant, you can also saw off each planter and fix them with iron chains onto the wall. Decorate them as you like.

Do you need assistance or advice? Our brochure LIVOS for Garden furniture provides an overview about especially suitable LIVOS products for garden furniture and their application possibilities. For further information don't hesitate to contact our service team: just give us a call or write us an email!

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