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BELJA Textile Paint Set N° 1024 (8 x 0.125 l)


Content: 1 piece

Available in 1 day, delivery time 2-5 days

Product number: 1024
Product information "BELJA Textile Paint Set N° 1024 (8 x 0.125 l)"

Available colors:

005 Sunny yellow, 011 Golden corn, 034 Red, 038 Orange, 041 Coral red, 042 Copper, 051 Oxide red, 052 Pumpkin, 060 Indigo blue, 082 Hazelnut, 101 Black, 111 Grass green, 122 Ultram. Blue, 201 White opaque, 202 White 

Colors of your choice. Please specify your desired color shades in the "comment" section during the ordering process.

Application range

For silk, cotton and linen. (Fabrics must be finish-free.) Also suitable for clay pots, plaster figures, cotton-wool balls, cork, etc.

Technical qualities

Dilutable with water, excellent light fastness. Good rub fastness after the first machine wash. Washable (without bleaching agent) at up to 60°C depending on fabric type.

Application method

Stir well before use! Depending on the desired contour, apply the color with appropriate tools such as brushes or stamps made of wood or cork. Dries up without fixation and after 24 hours (at approx. 23°C, 50% rel. humidity and good ventilation) the painted textiles are wash-resistant. Before using the painted textiles for the first time, wash them once to remove any loose pigments.


Determine the exact amount needed by doing a test application. It depends on the application method and the fabric quality.

Further information and processing instructions can be found in our technical data sheet.

And please also take a look at our color samples!

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