Professional tip: Proper maintenance of furniture surfaces – allergy-friendly and resistant

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Professional tip: Proper maintenance of furniture surfaces – allergy-friendly and resistant

The surface of high quality furniture can become dull over time. Frequent mechanical stress as well as dust and dirt deposits can affect the material quality. Thus the surface of the furniture becomes more and more unsightly. To prevent that from happening, your cherished furniture should be regularly waxed and oiled. Both – waxing and oiling – is possible with the KUNOS-Maintenance N° 1878.

The oil wax is ideal for regular use. It is produced without essential oils and is low in emissions, odorless and therefore ideal for allergy sufferers as well as for people who are sensitive to chemicals. The product contains no orange oil and is predestined for the maintenance of old and new furniture surfaces treated with our KUNOS oils.

Selected raw materials

Among the most important ingredients of the KUNOS Maintenance are wood oil, linseed oil, carnauba wax, shellac wax, beeswax and walnut oil. The special texture allows an easy, uncomplicated application to the respective surface for example with a cloth.

Important tips:

For best results, it is best to apply it at a room temperature of over 15°C. The optimal dosage is 10 ml per square meter. One liter of KUNOS Maintenance therefore lasts for about 100 square meters.

Unopened, the shelf-life of the product is about four years. The product reacts with oxygen. It is therefore advisable to transfer the KUNOS Maintenance into a smaller container after use in order to reduce the air content.

Before use, make sure that the surface is completely free of dust, grease and dirt. Deep scratches and damages should be eliminated with the initial treatment product. That way you will achieve the best results with the KUNOS Maintenance. The product is applied drop by drop to the surface of the furniture. Then immediately polish with little pressure with a single-disc machine and a felt pad or a non-fluffy cotton cloth. After about 8 hours, the surface is completely dry. The supply of warm air can significantly reduce the drying time.

After treatment, the furniture looks like new again. Water stains or other persistent impurities will belong to the past.

Overall, the application is very simple and very easy to do by hand. The knowledge that you are using a high quality product gives you a good feeling right from the start. The versatility of KUNOS Maintenance is impressive, and it is always good to have a bottle of it in the house. Especially when a small accident has occurred, the KUNOS Maintenance guarantees rapid damage control.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact our friendly team and benefit from a wide range of services.