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BODIOS Toy Paint Set N° 348 including a wooden elephant


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Product number: 348
Product information "BODIOS Toy Paint Set N° 348 including a wooden elephant"

Paint your toys in a colorful and natural way

This is possible with the BODIOS Toy Paint No. 343. The water-based toy paint is free of any nanoparticles, plasticizers and organic synthetic pigments. Furthermore, the expressive colors are fast to perspiration and saliva according to DIN 53 160.

The paint can be applied to the wooden toys in just a few steps. It does not flow away, dries quickly and is easy to use for children. The paint is particularly suitable for toys made of softwood. The color shades can be mixed with each other as desired, allowing you to create exciting colors. Give it a try and make each toy unique!

Included in the BODIOS Toy Paint Set No. 348:

  • Wooden elephant on wheels
  • 4 x BODIOS Toy Paint No. 343 in the color shades of your choice (4 x 0,05 l). You can choose from the following shades: 005 Sunny yellow, 011 Ochre, 018 Honey yellow, 020 Terracotta, 041 English red, 051 Persian red, 066 Bramble red, 101 Black, 201 White, 440 Lind green, 441 May green, 444 Capri blue, 445 Blue-violet
  • 1 x BODIOS Protection No. 344 as a finish (1 x 0,05 l)
  • Sanding fleece
  • Cotton cloth
  • Instructions

(Under the product number 347 you can also get the set without wooden elephant.)

Further information and processing instructions can be found in our technical data sheet.

And please also take a look at our color samples!


Application area: toys/playground equipment

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