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Colored KUNOS floor surfaces

Design your floors with the KUNOS-Natural Oil

Due to the material, wooden floors show a beautiful grain, which is perfectly accentuated with the KUNOS-Natural Oil. But not only that: The oils make the floor shine and make the material resistant. They are worked into the sanded floor and applied several times. They protect the wood and the natural grain looks its best. The processing of the KUNOS-Natural Oil requires no professional, but is easy to do with reasonable care.

Prepare your floor carefully

Before applying the KUNOS-Natural Oil, the soil must be prepared. In a first step, the wooden floors are gradually ground up to grain size 180. Up to grain size 120, this is done with a belt grinder or a roll grinder, after that a grid is used. The grid wears out quickly and must be changed every 8 to 10 square meters. The required amount of abrasives should be calculated before starting work. The floor can be better prepared if the resulting dust is repeatedly extracted between the various sanding processes. The result should be even in the end and there should not be any clouds visible. Because those would cause an uneven absorption of the colored oils by the wood. If necessary, it must be redone.

Keep the floor dry

Before the KUNOS-Natural Oil is applied, the floor must under no circumstances come into contact with moisture or damp-dirty shoes. Damp wood no longer absorbs the colored oil evenly. If the floor is kept really dry, there are no bulges and the oil is absorbed absolutely evenly. Therefore, please be sure to follow this advice.

Apply KUNOS-Natural Oil

We recommend to apply the products of the KUNOS product line with a roll with short pile. Surface brushes with dense bristle configuration are also well suited. Furthermore, it is possible to apply the oil with a machine: In this case, the KUNOS natural oil is first applied in a thick layer and then again drop by drop on the ground. The floor needs to be reworked. Within the first ten minutes after the first application, the natural oil should always be padded with a felt pad. This guarantees a uniform application. The second and third application are done basically in the same way. After the third application, the floor is polished with a machine or by hand immediately. It is important that after each application no residues are left on the floor. The natural oil must be incorporated into the soil. Puddles are undesirable and should be picked up with oil suction pads. If you do an intermediate sanding with a beige pad without grit after the first application, the floor receives a particularly hard-wearing and smooth surface, which is usually only achieved with varnishes.

Photo Credits: © efetova - iStock.com (Image serves as an example illustration. Please refer to the text for necessary tools and working materials)