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Wood in the outdoor area treated with LIVOS natural products

Wood in the outdoor area - Use natural colors in a stylish way

We offer paints, glazes and primers for woods that are used indoors and outdoors. These natural coatings protect the wood from the influences of the environment. At the same time, the colors serve the individual design of surfaces and look appealing. You have a wide range of color nuances to choose from, some of which are tailored to special woods and thus provide a particularly effective protection.

Protect wood in the outdoor area effectively

Wood is a natural material that can be easily processed and used flexibly. Unfortunately, untreated wood is very sensitive to the weather. Cold and damp are a problem especially for soft woods. Over time, the material changes. It weathers and disintegrates. The surface comes off and the stability decreases.

If you want to use wood outdoors, effective protection is necessary. We offer a wide range of paints, glazes and primers that are suitable for the treatment of all types of wood. The application is simple. You treat the wood with a primer and it penetrates deep into the pores. Oils and paints harden after some time, so that water and moisture cannot penetrate into the interior of the fibers. Primers give wood paints a good grip. In addition, the paints protect the wood from the weather. Glazes also provide a good protection. They do not change the structure of the wood and make it look very natural.

The decision for the right treatment is often not so easy. Let yourself be guided by your good taste and choose natural colors that fit harmoniously into the overall picture. When using wood in the outside area, keep in mind that it must be maintained at regular intervals. Only then does it provide the best protection for the wood, and the latter remains beautiful for years or decades.

Use of natural products for the treatment of different woods

Our natural products are characterized by the fact that they do not contain harmful substances. Instead, we use, for example, oils that are made exclusively from natural raw materials. So we apply linseed oil for the composition of natural colors.

In the production of our natural paints, not only the health compatibility of the individual components is emphasized. One of our most important intentions is that we do not harm nature for the production of our paints and varnishes. In case of every single product we make sure that we only use renewable raw materials (except solvents, which evaporate after drying).

So when buying our natural paints, you will not only benefit from a wide selection and an easy application. Together with us you will also make an important contribution to the environment, because you consciously choose to purchase products without chemical components.

Large selection of different product types

We offer a wide range of products, from which you cannot only choose the desired colors, but also the type of protection for special woods. For example, teak, which is preferred for high-quality garden furniture, needs a different care than oak. Soft woods such as pine or spruce are particularly affected by blue-fungal fungi. But normal anti-blueing agents are usually harmful. So LIVOS offers you one based on herbs: ADAO 259. On request, we give you an individual advice on what to use for the perfect care of your woods.

The use of natural products for outdoor wood preservation brings many benefits. You make an important contribution to protecting the environment and at the same time you benefit from a large selection of colors and care products that make your woods look particularly.

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