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ALIS Paddle Oil No. 148


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Product number: 148-0.75
Product information "ALIS Paddle Oil No. 148"

Application range:

For exterior, untreated coniferous woods, e.g. paddle.

Technical qualities:

Fast-drying, pore-filling. After 3 - 4 applications, water-resistant and semi-glossy surface. Free of organic-chemical compounds according to DIN EN 71, part 9. 


Remove  possible  skin  formed  on  surface  and  stir  thoroughly.  Depending  on  surface  requirements, absorbency and type of wood: Apply 3 to 4 thin coats, until a surface layer has developed. By brushing, spraying (add max. 5-10% SVALOS No. 293) or cloth bale application (undiluted), at temperatures above 16 ° C (60°F).

Apply 1st coat generously and remove visible oil residues after approx. 10 minutes with a lint-free cotton cloth. Intermediate sanding after drying with KAEF-sponge (280 grain) or sanding pad (320 grain).

Apply 2nd to 4th coat thinly and polish immediately. Aftercare depending on use with ALIS No. 148, when the gloss level has visibly decreased. Test in advance on coated / pre-treated wooden paddles. 


Determine the exact coverage by doing a test coat.

1st coat: 50 ml/m²

2nd – 4th coat: 25 - 30 ml/m²

Further information and processing instructions can be found in our technical data sheet.

Application area: Angelwerkzeug, Paddel

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