BODIOS Toy Paint No. 343 | Sunny yellow | 0,05 l | 343-005-0.05

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BODIOS Toy Paint No. 343


Content: 0.05 piece (€86.00* / 1 piece)
container size
Product number: 343-005-0.05
Product information "BODIOS Toy Paint No. 343"

Application range

For interior use,  especially  for  toys  made  of  softwood.  Suitable  for  air  brush  application.  Not  for  splash water areas, floors and countertops.

Technical qualities

Water-based.  Expressive  colours, semi-transparent  and  matt.  Wax-containing  and  polishable. Complies with  German  Industrial  Norm  DIN  53  160,  fast  to  perspiration  and  saliva.  Free  from  organic-chemical compounds according to DIN EN 71, part 9.

Application method

Apply undiluted and sparingly, using a brush or sponge, at temperatures above 12°C (54°F).


Determine the exact amount needed by doing a test application. 1 liter (1.06 quart) is sufficient for approximately 15-20 m² (161-215 ft²), i.e. 57 ml/m². Consumption could be considerably less, depending on the condition and absorbency of the surface.

Further information and processing instructions can be found in our technical data sheet.

And please also take a look at our color samples!

Application area: toys/playground equipment

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