Frequently asked questions

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the meaning behind the LIVOS product names? Special products deserve special names and in 1981 came up the idea to use terms of the Celts.

Nature was sacred to the Celts and for them the divine power was present in every plant, stone and animal. Appreciation for nature continues to thrive in LIVOS and LIVOS therefore helps to ensure more biodiversity through the use of renewable raw materials and by preserving finite resources.

The products are also designed to provide

  • a large reach,
  • a maximum longevity,
  • an easy maintenance and
  • the possibility to renovate.

Like the Celts, LIVOS benefited from a variety of influences and lateral thinkers and continues to evolve.

LIVOS product names (PDF Download)

Vegan LIVOS products

Vegan, environmentally friendly and healthy - In our guide you learn everything worth knowing about the plant-based LIVOS natural paints.

As a responsible manufacturer of environmentally friendly natural paints made from renewable and natural resources, LIVOS is committed to people, animals and nature. But are all LIVOS products vegan? In the following, we clarify the most important questions regarding our purely plant-based vegan products.

1) Which of our products are vegan?

According to our company philosophy, in the production of LIVOS natural paints we attach great importance to the preservation of nature as a basis of life. This also means that most of our products are vegan. On request, we will gladly provide you with a detailed list of all vegan natural paints, varnishes, oils, cleaning and maintenance products.

2) Why cannot all our products be vegan?

As a sustainably oriented supplier of natural paints, we use as few animal ingredients as possible to produce our products. In combination with other raw materials, which serve the LIVOS quality preservation, animal ingredients such as beeswax, chitosan or shellac proved to be without alternative. With regard to scientific progress, however, we are always up to date and always keep an eye on the promising experiments, such as those for the production of vegetable chitosan.

3) What are the animal ingredients necessary for and why do some products NOT need any animal ingredients?

Animal ingredients such as beeswax have particularly protective properties for surface coatings and thus contribute to longevity and sustainability. In addition, shellac acts as a clever protective barrier against pollutants, but is also permeable to moisture. Unfortunately, there is no vegan alternative yet to shellac, which is an excretory of the scale insect.

4) Our products such as natural paints or make-up are free from animal testing; but how do we test their compatibility then?

For the risk assessment of our products, we use comprehensive calculation methods instead of animal experiments. All ingredients used in the manufacture of our LIVOS products also undergo internal quality control. These include, among others, purity and drying tests, odor tests and the request for up-to-date safety data sheets. In addition, we test our products on the basis of common DIN standards such as DIN 53160 for saliva and perspiration fastness or DIN EN 71-3 for the migration of heavy metals.

5) Do our suppliers carry out any animal experiments?

According to our current state of knowledge, none of our suppliers carry out animal experiments on ingredients used for our production. Due to the long-term practicability of substances used, such as the main raw material linseed oil, there are already sufficient toxicological findings that reliably exclude the need for animal experiments.