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Professional tip: Cork treatment

Seal cork with ALBANTO-Natural Cork Finish N° 799

Prepare the floor for the cork treatment

Before ALBANTO-Natural Cork Finish N° 799 can be applied, the floor must be prepared properly. First, the shocks need to be calibrated. Then ground the cork surface finely with a single-disc machine and an abrasive mesh (grit size 180). Then smooth the edge area with a 240 grit orbital sander. Finally vacuum-clean and remove the resulting dust. Before applying the first coat, pull garbage bags over the shoes so that the job can be done cleanly. Please attach the bags.

When the cork is prepared: the first coat

The ALBANTO-Natural Cork Finish N° 799 needs to be applied three times. Only with three coats the surface will be really durable and resistant. Apply the first coat generously with a brush. The second and third coats can be done with a paint roller or sealing roller. And that should be done as soon as possible. More than 25 square meters, a maximum of 30 square meters, should never be treated at once. If the area to be treated is larger, then you have to work in pairs.

For the edge area is recommended a 10 cm wide paint roller. After 15 minutes of drying, the wet film should be padded with the single-disc machine. Please use the white or the beige pad. Then wipe the outermost edge area with a clean cotton cloth.

Do not forget intermediate drying!

After completion of the first cork treatment, the floor must first dry. This will take about 24 hours, maybe a bit more. It is important that the floor is no longer sticky. We recommend to walk on socks over the floor to determine whether the floor is dry. Then the second coat can be applied.

Cork is easier to maintain after several treatments: the second coat

Apply the second coat with a roller and only about 50% of the previously used amount of ALBANTO-Natural Cork Finish N° 799. After 15 minutes, the cork finish must be padded. The edge area must be wiped clean the same way as before. Also after the second application, the floor must be allowed to dry for 24 hours before the third treatment.

Third and last cork treatment

Distribute the ALBANTO-Natural Cork Finish N° 799 with a tablespoon. About one to two tablespoons per square meter. This time the cork finish needs to be polished immediately, with the beige or white pad. The polishing machine may only be moved with moderate thrust. After a drying time of about one to two hours, the cork should have a smooth, shiny surface.

Maintain cork in a proper way: This is how it works

The third application should be done in daylight so that it is even. If the room air is very dry or if the temperature is above 23 ° C, a maximum of 20 square meters should be treated at once, because the cork finish dries much faster. The cork finish now needs five days to completely dry and harden. You protect your cork by not walking on it and not straining the floor during this time. Also, if you put furniture and other heavy objects on the cork, make sure to put a soft cushion under the objects – for example, a small piece of untreated cork.

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